A Beautiful Ride

from Fuzzyhead [Deluxe Edition] by Galactodactyl



I'm breaking out tonight
In search of some place better
I've got this feeling in my bones that
I can't shake

So won't you come to life?
'Cause this might not last forever
So we're chasing every chance that
We can take

You know some hearts may break along the way

Growing older
Doesn't mean growing colder
We grow bolder in the face of defeat

So we'll go out
And flip this world over
Just to show them all the things that we could be

So won't you stay with me?
This life is just as easy as it seems
I believe

Life is but a dream
But dreams do come to life sometimes
Time is all we need
But we couldn't stop it if we tried

So step into the light
Step into the atmosphere
Take a beautiful night
Make a beautiful year
There's no time for goodbyes
'Cause we're breaking out of here
And I know we could make it if we tried
So baby won't you stick right by my side?
It's a beautiful ride

When this lifetime is over
And they're sailing our ships out to sea
Will you look back and wonder
Or did you show them all the things that you could be?

So won't you stay with me?


from Fuzzyhead [Deluxe Edition], released May 12, 2020




Galactodactyl Ontario

Dreamy • Lo-Fi • Electronic • Pop

Galactodactyl is Mat Palma; producing warm and dreamy sounds for all of humanity.

@Galactodactyl on Social Media

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