I took a walk the other day
To have a thought down by the lake
And I fell in!
And I can't swim. . .

I had a drink the other night
It wasn't long 'til I was fightin'
With myself!
Aw what the hell. . .

I fell asleep behind the wheel of my
Automobile and
Smashed it up!
That's just my luck. . .

I met a man and made a deal
He had secrets to reveal
About my life!
And what happens when ya die. . .

So 'til I die
I will go
And if I tried
I could make the Earth shake!

I've been dreamin'
I've been schemin' all my time
I found the reason for my rhyme

And I am happy,
I mean I guess I'm doin' fine. . .

It took a long time
For me to realize I'm
Not the only
One on this planet

And it don't matter if I die

But I still try
And we all try
And then we die
'Til then you walk in step

Right left!
Right left!

So 'til we die
We will go
And if we tried
You and I could make the Earth shake!


from Fuzzyhead [Deluxe Edition], released May 12, 2020




Galactodactyl Ontario

Dreamy • Lo-Fi • Electronic • Pop

Galactodactyl is Mat Palma; producing warm and dreamy sounds for all of humanity.

@Galactodactyl on Social Media

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