Stay Awhile

by Galactodactyl



Wake up!
Wake up with the sun across your face

And when the light fills up your eyes,
Do the refractions make you smile?
And though you may not know why you're here,
While you're here, why don't you --
I hope that you stay awhile!

When you were young you'd run and lay
In the grass and sun all day
Dream your time away

And then the years came crashing down
And made the seasons change
Nothing stays the same

And when your face fills up my eyes,
And the refractions make me smile,
And though we do not know why we're here,
While we're here I hope that we
Get to stay awhile

Wake up!


released September 9, 2020




Galactodactyl Ontario

Dreamy • Lo-Fi • Electronic • Pop

Galactodactyl is Mat Palma; producing warm and dreamy sounds for all of humanity.

@Galactodactyl on Social Media

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